Bonbon Oiseau

Unearthed Necklace: Limited Run

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The necklace of an unearthed kingdom, link to our ancient sisters, blue and bright green turquoise and luminous pearls from all over the globe, my favorite turn-of-the-century beads from France in cool Aegean blue, big wheels of deep bottle blue sand-blasted beads from Ghana, and warm flashes of crimson and tangerine in a short choker that sits at the collarbone. Closes with a big brass clasp and a vintage Indian bell-shape to trail at the nape of your neck, a tribute to our sisters on the other side the globe who adorned their beads and clothes with bells and old coins.

About this Piece
-20.5 inch long necklace with brass clasp, handmade in my NYC workshop.
-Limited Edition runs.
-Small-Run, Limited Edition pieces (that come with discounts if you want more than one!), made with rare early 20th c. beads from Europe, Africa and Afghanistan, a percentage of the sales from this collection will be sent to support the work of The White Helmets, a humanitarian civilian-run search and rescue organization in Aleppo, Syria.

The Bonbon Story
I've been drawn to antique and vintage beads for as long as I can remember, collecting and culling from American trading posts to dusty French ateliers and markets. Antique beads are humble magical little things to me, evocative, alluring, sexy, hopeful. They are a connection to the imaginations, thought processes and careful workmanship of the hearts and hands of the past. They are the inspiration to create something new from something very old, to cherish all over again, to love and keep or love and share.